Silksong Trailer Rescore

This is a complete rescore of the trailer for the Team Cherry game Hollow Knight: Silksong. I created it as a portfolio piece. The score has four distinct sections that incorporate tempo and time signature changes while maintaining common elements. My intention for the score was to help shape and accentuate the narrative of the visual action. When creating the sound effects I aimed to convey the otherworldly nature of the world portrayed by the visuals.

[No copyright infringement is intended in the use of this trailer, for the original version go to]

Asset 2.png

Dynamo Dancer

This playlist features a selection of the tracks I created for the augmented reality mobile dance game 'Dynamo Dancer'. The game was designed for children and the music tracks needed to be fun, varied, concise and, above all, rhythmic.

Mad Doctor

Mad Doctor was a created for the 2019 'Low Rez Game Jam'. I created music and sound effects for the game in Ableton Live and implemented them in Unity.

Due to the pixel-art theme of the jam I wrote retro-styled chiptune themes and made sound effects that would fit with the overall style.

Here you can hear the in-game music and sounds, and below the start and end-screen themes.

Asset 5.png


This playlist features a selection of retro styled 'chip tunes'. I enjoy writing in this style because of the inventiveness its limitations encourage, and because of the classic sound of gaming that it evokes.

Space Needs Space!

Space Needs Space! is a game that was made for the for the 2019 'Games Plus Jam'. I made the music and sound effects in Ableton Live and implemented them in Unity.


Stuff Happens

'Stuff Happens' was a game designed to help children to recognize symptoms of anger. I created a theme that was intended to be minimal, sweet and reflective.