Super Synth Repair

For the 2020 Global Game Jam I created Super Synth Repair, a game in which you help the neighbourhood repair-man to nurse a mysterious synthesizer back to good health by finding its missing notes. The player walks into the broken synthesizer to hear one of it's missing notes, and then must find the matching pitch from the notes that are scattered around the screen.

This game is designed to help children to master one of the basic principles of ear training - the ability to hold a pitch in your mind and recognize that pitch when you hear it again. I designed and programmed the game in Unity and also created the artwork. Download the game here


Space Needs Space!

Space Needs Space! is a game I made over the course of several days for the 2019 'Games Plus Jam'. The player takes control of a cleaning robot who must remove all the items of junk from each planet's orbit. It's an increasingly difficult and dangerous task in which grabbing a star will cause our hero serious damage...

I made the game in Unity and created all the assets in Adobe Illustrator. I made the music and sound effects in Ableton Live. Download the game here.

Regression To The Mean

Regression To The Mean is a one-button game of skill in which the player must guide the path of a sine wave to avoid oncoming obstacles. I made the game in Unity for a 24 hour game-jam with the theme 'Regression'. I also created the art and sound for the game.

Global Game Jam 2019 Award Winner

Over the course of 48 hours, working as part of a three man team, I helped to create The Stage, for the 2019 Global Game Jam. The game won the judges 'Out There Award' at the Groningen jam-site.

Screenshot (58).png

The Stage is a game in which you find yourself acting in a mysterious (and unending) play: 'Death Takes The Train'. The game was accompanied by a printed script to help the player deliver the right lines at the right time. You can download the game here.

Screenshot (56).png

Forster's Forest Quest

Forster's Forest Quest is a short game I made under game-jam conditions (48 hour time limit, no pre-made assets). As well as programming the game I created all of the art and music from scratch.

Asset 24.png